Outdoor environments may vary from season to season and country to country. Here is a list of the 7 greatest enemies that outdoor digital displays face, leading to problems with readability, blackening, color distortion, and equipment aging. 

  • Sunlight

Direct sunlight exposure causes an inability to properly view the screen.

  • Temperature

Extremely hot and cold temperatures as well as large-scale environmental temperature changes tend to make installing and maintaining outdoor digital displays very difficult.

  • Water

Water that results from humidity, rain, snow, or ice, may affect the normal use of digital equipment.

  •  Dust

Dust and other particulate contaminations may cause the device to malfunction.

  • Aging

The aging of display components and properties cause a great inconvenience.

  • Damage

Physical damage or vandalism to display bodies create unforeseen extra repair costs.

  • Inconvenient Maintenance

Complex internal structure designs of digital bodies lead to longer site work.